Great Southern Bioblitz

Whitehorse News - October 2021

Connect with nature while helping scientists study and protect native plants and animals as part of the Great Southern Bioblitz from 22-25 October.

A ‘bioblitz’ is a period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to find and record as many species as possible.

Over four days in October, the community is asked to help document native plants and animals across Whitehorse.

October is a great time to explore our local parks and reserves. Spring is in full swing: flowers are blooming, insects are emerging, baby birds are hatching and reptiles are coming out of hibernation.

To get involved, download the iNaturalist app, and from 22-25 October, find wild plants and animals, take a picture and upload it to the app.

The Great Southern Bioblitz will showcase the huge array of native plants and animals across Whitehorse. This event is that it’s a COVID-safe activity - you can take photos of wildlife from your own backyard or take a walk in the park to get some exercise while snapping pictures of plants and animals. People living in all parts of Whitehorse haveaccess to parks and reserves within 10kmof their home.

Experts are on hand to help identify the wildlife in your photos after you upload them to the app.

Residents are reminded to follow Victorian Government restrictions while participating in this event.

More information

Learn how to use the iNaturalist app by watching this short video.