Keeping kids active during winter

Whitehorse News - June 2021

Keeping kids active when it is cold can be a little more challenging for families to keep their children active
and entertained when the weather is cold and wet.

Traditional winter sports can be a great way for older children to stay active, but there are plenty of other fun and inexpensive options for families.

Outdoor options

  • Put on coats, hats and gloves and head outside to explore your own neighborhood.
  • Visit rivers, creeks and streams to see how the flow changes after rain.
  • Gather leaves, sticks, shells and stones from outside. You can take them inside and use them for sorting, painting or building.

Indoor options

If indoor activities are more your thing, there are plenty of fun options. Try dancing to music, dressing up and putting on concerts, building a fort together out of chairs and blankets or setting up an indoor treasure hunt.

Alternatively, head to Aqualink indoor swimming pools, indoor play centres, trampolining, rock climbing or ten-pin bowling.

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