We’re painting the town!

Whitehorse News - August 2021

Have you noticed the new murals around Whitehorse?

Nunawading Community Hub 

Some community groups at Nunawading Community Hub were invited to participate in an art project to revamp the low- lying retaining walls on the exterior of the hub.

Assisted by the talented artists at Blender Studios, members of the Nunawading U3A, Whitehorse Arts Association, Whitehorse Activities Club and Rock City Church joined forces to design and deliver the beautiful murals around the hub.

In May, participants attended a stencil art workshop to create their own reusable stencils. The workshop focused on designing symbols that represented the community and were incorporated into the final mural designs.

In June, participants got together to paint the mural. Under the guidance of Adrian Doyle and Nicky Su Pansa from Blender Studios, participants worked with paint, rollers and brushes to decorate the walls with vibrant native flora and fauna as well as the symbols designed in the stencil workshop.

As part of #ActivateWhitehorse, a number of eyecatching murals have been painted to beautify our business activity precincts and assist with graffiti maintenance.

All murals have a specialised antigraffiti coating to help Council’s cleansing team maintain these ephemeral works.