Wander Whitehorse on foot

Whitehorse News - September 2021

Whitehorse is home to a range of unique parks, reserves and bushland that feature beautiful native flora and fauna and are suited to all ages and abilities.

Here are just a few of the walking trails you’ll find in our municipality – where will you explore this Spring?

Box Hill Gardens
Where: Box Hill
Located a stone’s throw away from the Box Hill’s busy main street, Box Hill Gardens features a range of scenic walking tracks, playgrounds, sports courts and more to enjoy. The Gardens are also home to the Box Hill War Memorial.

Campbell’s Croft
Where: Vermont
Once a homestead owned by the Campbell family, this picturesque reserve features Abbey Walk on its eastern side and is dotted with beautiful flora, including a daffodil patch.

Halliday Park
Where: Mitcham
Suited for fun for the whole family, this park features a walking trail and a big playground with play equipment suitable for children of all ages.

Kalang Park
Where: Blackburn
Kalang Park is the one of the three reserves that constitute the Blackburn Creeklands. The walking paths run along either side of Gardiners Creek and are surrounded by lush greenery. The wide gravel paths are level and wheelchair-friendly.

Mont Albert Reserve
Where: Mont Albert North
Mont Albert Reserve features cricket nets, a playground and an off-leash dog area. The reserve is a great location for evening exercise, with on-demand lighting currently available on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm-8:30pm.

Wattle Park
Where: Burwood
This sprawling green park features a picnic ground, oval and gold course and is known for its plantation of 12,000 wattle trees.

Wurundjeri Walk
Where: Blackburn South
Wurundjeri Walk runs through Orchard Grove Reserve. Stroll along the accessible paths and discover the native flora and fauna, including indigenous trees like the Red Stringybark and Swamp Gum. Along the walk, you’ll also find Bungalook Nursery and the Wurundjeri Wetlands in Fulton Reserve.

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