Newly Elected Whitehorse Councillors

Whitehorse News - December 2020

The Whitehorse community has elected 11 Councillors to represent the city’s 11 wards for the next four years.

Whitehorse City Council has welcomed the election of three new Councillors and the return of eight previous Councillors following the 2020 Council Election.

Councillors were officially sworn in on 12 November and a meeting was held on 18 November to elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Councillor Andrew Munroe was elected Mayor and Councillor Raylene Carr elected Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months.

The three new faces on Council are Mark Lane, Amanda McNeill and Trudy Skilbeck. The eight returning Councillors are Andrew Munroe, Denise Massoud, Raylene Carr, Andrew Davenport, Blair Barker, Tina Liu, Prue Cutts and Ben Stennett.

Whitehorse Chief Executive Officer Simon McMillan congratulated the successful Councillors and said it was an exciting time for Whitehorse with the result of new and returning Councillors.

“I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of former councillors Bill Bennett and Sharon Ellis, both who served our community over multiple terms as a councillor and mayor,” he said. He also acknowledged the service of Councillor Tanya Tescher.

The official results of the 2020 City of Whitehorse election are available on the VEC website at

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