Local Government Elections Coming up in October

Whitehorse News - July 2020

This year’s local government postal elections will be held in October and voters should be aware that the electoral boundaries of Whitehorse have recently changed. 

In past years Whitehorse has been made up of five two-Councillor wards, meaning Whitehorse was represented by 10 Councillors. The change this year means that Whitehorse’s electoral boundaries have been redesigned and the community will now be represented by 11 Councillors from 11 single-Councillor wards. This includes an additional Councillor as Whitehorse has experienced significant growth over the past few years. Preferential voting system will  apply for the single ward electoral structure and  voting is compulsory.

The State Government’s new Local Government Act 2020 introduced a preference for single member  wards to support closer relationships between councillors and their communities.

The eight councils moving to single member wards are Bayside, Cardinia, Darebin, Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Manningham, Maroondah and Whitehorse.

Council was disappointed that the Minister for Local Government did not adopt the recommendation of Council and the Victorian Electoral Commission for multi member wards of 11 councillors. Council was also not given the opportunity nor ample time to consult with the community on naming the wards in a way that was significant and meaningful to Whitehorse’s history and community.

October Council elections

Local council elections are held on the fourth Saturday of October every four years. 

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will be responsible for administering Victorian council elections this October.

A Returning Officer will be appointed by the Electoral Commissioner for each local council’s election, which means that the management of candidates, enquiries from the public, and vote counting will take place locally within each council.

The VEC will mail out information packs and EasyVote letters in late September. 

To ensure the election is safe, and in anticipation that physical distancing requirements will still be in place, longer candidate statements will be allowed in the Voter Information packs this year, so the community can make an informed decision on which candidate  to vote for.

Am I enrolled to vote?

Voting in local government elections is compulsory, just as it is for state and federal elections. By law, you must enrol and vote for the address you live at if you:

  • are an Australian citizen or qualified British subject
  • are 18 years or older
  • have lived at your current address in Victoria for at least one month.

Make sure you are enrolled to vote and that your details are correct by 4pm Friday 28 August. Check the VEC website for more details.

The proposed names of the new wards are:

new wards 2020
  • Elgar
  • Cootamundra
  • Lake
  • Walker
  • Kingsley
  • Sparks
  • Simpson
  • Wattle
  • Eley
  • Mahoneys
  • Terrara

*The Single wards and associated ward names have not yet been gazetted/approved by Victorian Government. Council is currently awaiting confirmation.