Strategic Planning Projects Update

Whitehorse News - May 2020

Council's Strategic Planning Unit is part of the Planning and Building Department and is responsible for the development of planning policies and strategies. The Unit also reviews the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, including amendments  to the scheme. To keep our community up to date with major strategic planning projects in Whitehorse, we publish this planning update twice each year.

Tree protection controls (Amendment C219)

Interim tree protection controls in the form of a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO9) were extended to 30 June 2020 while Council undertakes Amendment C219 to introduce the SLO9 on a permanent basis.

The tree protection controls apply to all residential land not included in SLO1-SLO8. 

Current status: An independent Panel Hearing was held in December 2019. The Panel’s favourable advice to Council was received on  23 January 2020. At its meeting on 16 March 2020, Council resolved to adopt the amendment with minor changes and send Amendment C219 to the Minister for Planning for approval.

What is a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)? 
Whitehorse has a number of SLOs that aim to identify significant landscapes as well as conserve and enhance these special areas in the municipality.

Review of Nunawading Megamile (East) and Mitcham Structure Plan

The existing Structure Plan for the Activity Centres was adopted by Council in 2008. A background review completed in 2018 analysed the key changes, major projects and development that had occurred in the 10 years since the plan’s adoption.

Current status: Consultants have been appointed to update the Structure Plan. Community consultation will commence shortly.

Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre (MAC) vision and strategic direction

Review of the vision and longer term strategic direction for Box Hill will update the 2007 Structure Plan and provide an Urban Design Framework for the MAC.

Current status: A Draft Structure Plan and Urban Design Framework is expected to be presented to Council in the coming months.

Review of Commercial 1 Zone – Tally Ho Major Activity Centre

In 2018/19, Council completed a review of the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) in the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre. The review assesses whether the existing C1Z is the most appropriate zone to achieve the vision for the centre as a major business and employment hub.

Current status: On 26 August 2019 Council resolved to release the review for a period of consultation. The consultation commenced in March 2020.

What is a Design and Development Overlay? (DDO)
A Design and Development Overlay is a planning control that applies to land that requires a specific design treatment. The purpose of the overlay is to give direction to the specific design and built form requirements.

Heritage controls – 42-48 Glenburnie Road, Mitcham

Interim and permanent heritage protection controls were sought for the property. An interim Heritage Overlay (HO) (Amendment C215) was gazetted on 16 May 2019. 

Current status: Amendment C225, gazetted on 19 March 2020, extends the interim HO until  29 January 2021. The amendment for the permanent HO (Amendment C216) is still being considered by the Minister for Planning.

What is a Heritage Overlay? (HO)
Heritage Overlays are part of local council planning schemes and include places of local significance as well as places of state significance included in the Victorian Heritage Register.

Design and Development Overlay for key residential corridors (Amendment C220) 

The Residential Corridors Built Form Study provides development guidelines that are proposed to be applied to land in the Residential Growth Zone along key road corridors using a Design and Development Overlay. The Study was adopted by Council on 29 January 2019 and a planning scheme amendment has been initiated. 

Current status: A request for authorisation was submitted to the Minister for Planning on 11 October 2019. A decision on whether Council can commence exhibition of the amendment is yet to be received.

Heritage Assistance Fund

The fund provides grants of up to $2000 to eligible home owners and occupiers to assist with the maintenance of their heritage properties.

Current status: 22 recipients have  been funded in this year’s program.

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