Reminder to Register Your Pool or Spa

Whitehorse News - February 2020

Act now and register your pool or spa with Council.

On 1 December 2019, the State Government introduced state-wide legislation to assist in preventing young children tragically drowning in private swimming pools and spas.

Under the new regulations, all owners of permanent and relocatable swimming pools and spas are required to register their pool or spa with their local Council by 1 June 2020.

Under the new regulations, all pool and spa owners will be required to undertake the following five steps:

1. Register
When you register, a $79 registration and search fee applies. Attach all relevant building permit documents including the final inspection or occupancy permit (if you have them). Whitehorse City Council is taking registrations online.

2. Receive letter from Council
Once registered, Council will investigate your property’s building permit history to determine the safety barrier standard you must meet.

3. Safety barrier inspection
Owners will need to organise an inspection by a registered building inspector or building surveyor to determine if their safety barrier is compliant with the appropriate standard.

4. Submit compliance certificate
Owners must submit the compliance certificate to Council within 30 days of its issue and pay a lodgement fee.

5. Certification every four years
Council will remind you to re-certify your pool and spa barrier every four years after this.

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