Spencer the Cat

Whitehorse News - June 2020

Kelly Lefevre has a good reason to wish her cat Spencer could talk.

Their beloved family pet disappeared from their Gembrook home five years ago and, while the Lefevres never gave up hope of finding him, they did consider the possibility he had passed away.

So when he recently walked into a house in Whitehorse and was taken to a vet in Forest Hill, Kelly wished he could tell her what he has been up to for five long years. The family, including husband Henry, adult daughter Allie and older cat Ash, are over the moon to get their purebred Ocicat back home.

Fiona NcNeil, Council's Education officer with Community Laws Department, said she was in charge of tracking down Spencer’s owners, and began looking for them via his microchip details. Phone numbers on the chip were not connected or wrong numbers, so she then contacted the vet who had implanted the microchip who directed her to Spencer’s breeder.

Waiting to hear back from the breeder, Fiona also checked the records of lost cats at Animal Aid rescue shelter and came up trumps. Kelly had registered Spencer with Animal Aid as lost soon after he went missing.

“I am so thrilled,” Kelly says. “Fiona at the Council went above and beyond. When she called me with the news I screamed and then cried a lot.”

Spencer, who the Lefevres got as a kitten, spent his first years with them in Glen Waverley before the family moved to Gembrook, so Kelly thinks he may have made his own way to Glen Waverley’s neighbouring Whitehorse area.

One thing she is sure of is that he has been well looked after, as “he has been well-fed and has a middle-aged spread”, Kelly said of her 8kg pet.

She is not surprised he wandered into a stranger’s home in Whitehorse. “He is a very sociable, in-your-face cat,” she says. She says Spencer has settled back home as though he has never been away, is being thoroughly spoilt and being slowly introduced to Bella, the dog who joined the family 18 months ago.