Sustainability Series 2020

Whitehorse News - June 2020

Sustainable Living Week Program 

This year, Sustainable Living Week has moved to an online month-long celebration of sustainability. Get involved with our program and discover simple ways to make changes that will positively impact your lifestyle, the community and environment.

At 9am each Monday throughout June, a new Sustainable Series video will be made available to view. For more information, visit Sustainable Living Week page. 

All Sustainability Series sessions are free, but we ask that you look at the list of requirements to make sure you have any materials required in advance.

Sustainable Series – A Celebration of Sustainability

Discarding Mindfully

Monday 8 June

Sally Flower, from Home Sanctuary, will guide us to make purposeful choices, live mindfully and lighten our environmental footprint.

Bee Hotels

Monday 15 June

Learn how to create magical, miniature buildings for your local, native insects to call home using recycled and found materials to build our constructions.

Beeswax Wraps

Monday 22 June

Emma Grace will teach us how to make beeswax wraps, a plastic-freeway to keep food fresh and hygienic.

Recycled Sock Monkeys

Monday 29 June

Art Therapist Emma Finch will teach us how to make our very own unique sock monkey.