Exercising Your Dog in Off-lead Areas

Whitehorse News - September 2020

Walking your dog ( PDF 636.21KB) is an integral part of being a responsible pet owner. Regular walks are not only enjoyable for the dog, but have wonderful health benefits for pet owners.

Whitehorse Council offers dog owners 22 parks and reserves across the municipality where they can exercise their pets off-lead. The map below shows locations where dogs can be exercised without a lead provided the owner:

  • carries a lead and poo bags
  • has the dog in view and within 25 metres
  • can immediately make the dog return to them on demand
  • does not let the dog cause nuisance to other park users
  • keeps the dog under control

Remember, if you are not in one of the 22 designated dog off lead area, your dog must be on a lead when being exercised in public.

Cleaning up after your dog

There has been an increase in dog faeces left in parks recently. We are asking for pet owners to be diligent about cleaning up after their pets. Perhaps you need to take more than one bag down to the park when walking your dog? Make sure you leave the house prepared to clean up after your pet when you go out to exercise.

Once you have picked up after your dog, make sure you carry the bag until you can put it in a bin.

Don’t leave bags under trees or on nature strips.