Mayor's Message

Whitehorse News - May 2020

Welcome to our May Whitehorse News. 

We are aware that many residents and businesses in our community are experiencing financial hardship under the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has evolved so quickly, and people are in circumstances that they could not possibly have foreseen.

In recognition of this, Council has approved an immediate $2 million relief and support package to help residents, local businesses and community and sporting organisations. The measures ensure Council can provide a fair, flexible response to those experiencing genuine hardship. More information on the package is on page 4 and on our website

Council has also begun work on a $2.5 million stimulus and recovery package. More details of this will be considered at a Council meeting in June.

Council adopted a Proposed Budget on 20 April. More details are on page 8 and 9. We have taken a measured approach to this budget. We have deferred decisions on some very worthy new initiatives and projects, as we wait to see the full impact of the pandemic. The budget provides for Council to continue to provide services, and to carry on with scheduled capital works. We will evaluate the pandemic impact and provide an updated forecast or even a formal budget revision later in the year. 

I want to thank the community for the goodwill, cooperation and kindness shown to each other and to Council officers in recent weeks. Our sanitising teams are out cleaning bins, benches and hand rails, and receiving appreciative beeps and shout-outs from passing cars and pedestrians. Our finance team received touching messages of appreciation when we wrote to tell our suppliers we’d speed up invoice payments to help with their cash flow. Our customer service and home care staff are so appreciative that clients are taking time to ask how they’re holding up.

This empathy and compassion reflects so well on what kind of community we are. I’m proud to belong to Whitehorse, because we are certainly stronger when we all work together. 

Cr Sharon Ellis 
Whitehorse Mayor