Responsible Pet Ownership During a Pandemic

Whitehorse News (Special Edition) - April 2020

Looking after your animals by being a responsible pet owner is all the more important during these difficult times.

Here are some tips for keeping pets safe and healthy:

  • As long as government guidelines allow, make sure you take your pet out for a walk each day, but remember to maintain social distancing. Wash yourhands as soon as you get home.
  • Continue to pick up after your dog in public places and at home. Good public hygiene becomes even more important during a crisis.
  • Make sure your pet is registered with Council and your details are up to date with your microchip company.
  • Continue with regular check-ups and vaccinations as long as vets remain open.
  • Enjoy the stress relief that a pet provides!

A reminder to all Whitehorse dog and cat owners that pet registrations were due 10 April 2020.

If you have not yet received your pet registration reminder notice, please contact Council.

Remember to update your contact details

If you’ve moved, changed phone numbers or your pet is no longer with you, update your details with Council by sending an email to and update your microchip registration company. Up-to-date information is vital when trying to reunite lost pets with owners.

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