Working for Whitehorse - Activations

Whitehorse News - February 2021

Connecting people has been a recent focus of Whitehorse Council as part of its placemaking initiative, Activate Whitehorse.

This has taken shape in many ways, but its primary objective is to encourage people to work together to activate places in Whitehorse, whether it be shaping their local story through community gatherings, using Activation Pods or helping to transform a Blackburn Village laneway to make the area more friendly to the community

Activations invigorate our places, making them vibrant and welcoming, which are essential for building and supporting the community and local economy. The best way to transform local environments is to invite the community to emotionally invest in places through their personal involvement.

This is achieved not just by changing how a place looks but altering the relationship people have with it, which requires interaction and the creation of an experience.

Activate Whitehorse has resulted in the beautification of spaces in the Britannia Mall, Brentford Square and Box Hill Mall with splashes of colour and changing the look, feel, colour and texture of a place.

Community-led activations strengthen relationships to public space. The shaping of a place happens through community involvement.

Activation Pods are public spaces that can be booked for free by eligible community groups. An activation may be influenced by arts, culture and creativity and recognises inclusiveness, being available to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Examples of this can include events like music, games, tai chi, visual arts or a book exchange. There are three pods in Box Hill Mall and one each in Britannia Mall and Brentford Square.

Teams of community members can also kickstart activations in their community through the Activation Booster Fund with up to $1000.