Whitehorse News is changing

Whitehorse News - September 2021

In July, we asked our community to tell us how we could improve the distribution of Whitehorse News.

Three quarters of our 262 survey respondents agreed with our plan to make the paper edition of Whitehorse News more readily available by displaying it outside supermarkets, libraries and civic outlets. Respondents agreed that this would decrease paper waste and improve access to paper copies of Whitehorse News.

October 2021 will be the last month that Whitehorse News is distributed to letterboxes.

From October 2021 to March 2022, we will start distributing:

  • Outside supermarkets in large display boxes
  • In libraries, Aqualinks, maternal child health centres, Neighbourhood Houses and other community centres
  • Via our in-home care staff who provide service to older residents

Distribution will begin on the first Monday of each month. We will review the outcomes of this trial in March 2022.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. We will be taking on your feedback on ways to improve accessibility to the digital version of Whitehorse News and your suggestions for making the print version more accessible for those who might not visit a supermarket, library or other civic outlet.

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