Working for Whitehorse - graffiti removal

Whitehorse News - April 2021

No time to rest when removing graffiti. Chris Wiwczaruk’s role with Whitehorse Council is to help keep the area clean. But you may not realise how effective he is, because the job is often done before you’ve hit the snooze button for the first time.

Chris’ main role is one that is close to many residents’ hearts – removing graffiti. But life as an infrastructure cleansing officer requires early starts. At work by 5am or 6am most days, Chris and team member Darrin Watson like to have removed graffiti from busy areas before people arrive.

Chris and Darrin try to stay ahead of the taggers by inspecting hotspots after weekends. Increased use of apps like Snap Send Solve and having requests sent directly to their mobile tablets in the field means that they are made aware of issues and can resolve them quicker than in the past.

Offensive graffiti is always a priority and is usually removed the same day that Council receives the report. “Keeping the cleanliness of all the townships is our priority. We act pretty much straight away after being notified by our cleaners or residents,” Chris said.

As well as regular infrastructure, the team also cleans and pressure washes shopfronts, footpaths, play equipment and barbecues. Chris and Darrin take a lot of pride in their work and like to show the community that they are on their game and doing their bit to keep the municipality clean and tidy.

In the past 12 months, Council has attended more than 2000 sites and removed more than 11,000sq m of graffiti thanks to the graffiti removal team.

Chris Wiwczaruk
Chris Wiwczaruk