Working for Whitehorse - School Crossing Supervisor

Whitehorse News - May 2021

Stop, look and listen to Janet For Janet Halley, fostering a fun and safe environment is what has kept her coming back everyday for more than 35 years.

First becoming a school crossing supervisor when her daughter started attending the now-defunct Springview Primary School in Blackburn North, Janet never envisaged staying on after her daughter had left.

“It never happened,” she said. “I loved my job so much that I kept going. “I am there to meet and greet the children on the way to school each morning. I make it as safe as possible for the children.

“For me, it’s always a pleasure going to work. You get to really talk to people, learn children’s names. It’s a lovely little role where you can work in your community.”

Janet, 70, also appreciates what Council has done to help her stay in the role during this time, including a change of location after the family moved to Vermont South. After 18 years on Junction Rd, she has now been a fixture on Hanover Rd at Livingstone Primary School.

“I’m very fortunate that Council has looked after me,” she said. “Time has gone quickly, it is quite scary. Time has flown by at a very fast pace.

“For me it’s been a great experience and certainly enjoyed every minute of the journey. It is a great environment to work in.”

Janet Halley
Janet Halley