Is your home winter-ready?

Whitehorse News - June 2021

Rising energy prices and more time spent indoors can lead to huge electricity bills from home heating.

That’s why heating your home efficiently is so important and now is the time to prepare your home for the coming winter months. This is especially important as more people have a flexible working or studying arrangement and spend more time at home.

To maximise the heating properties of your home, here are some handy tips:

  • Set your heating to 18-20 degrees for a comfortable temperature. Each degree higher corresponds to about a 10 per cent increase in running cost.
  • Draught seal all the gaps around your home to stop cold air leaking in andwarm air leaking out.
  • Ensure windows have coverings suchas curtains and pelmets to stop the cold glass radiating into the home.
  • Assess ceiling insulation for gaps and correct thickness to reduce heat loss.
  • Arrange a maintenance check for your air-conditioner and/or space heater and clean the filters to ensure it is working at its optimal level.

To book a free 20-minute phone consultation with an energy advisor visit the Australian Energy Foundation website.

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