Council Vision

Council produces a range of key documents to provide easy access to information about Council and the municipality including a Council Vision.

The Council Vision 2013-2023 ( PDF 1.26MB) is a high level strategic document that articulates the aspirations of the community about the future. It is a broad set of statements about the type of city the community wants to see in 10 years including high level goals that describe how this might be achieved. This is complemented by a set of guiding principles to ensure consistency in how Council plans and delivers on the Vision in the long term.

The aspirations of Councillors, community and staff of the City of Whitehorse following extensive consultations are represented in the strategic directions and goals which have been articulated in the Our Vision statement: 'We aspire to be a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and sustainable community supported by strong leadership and community partnerships.' 

The Council Vision should be read in conjunction with the Council Plan, which is the instrument through which the Council Vision is translated into strategic objectives, strategies, strategic indicators and actions. The Council Plan is more specific and focused on what might be achieved in a four-year timeframe that contributes to or helps to achieve the aspirational statements in the Council Vision.

You can read the current Council Plan here.