Request a Fine Review

Have you recently received a City of Whitehorse parking, animal or Local Law fine? By law, you can request one internal review of your fine which requires you to provide all the relevant details to help Council make a decision.

All reviews must be requested in writing. Council officers cannot review your fine over the phone or in person.

To save you time, please read this before applying to Council for a fine review:

  • Make sure the fine was issued by Whitehorse City Council. There are a number of private car parks in Whitehorse that issue their own fines or you may have received a fine from a neighbouring council. A Whitehorse City Council fine will have the Whitehorse logo printed on it. If it does not have a Whitehorse logo, you need to apply for a review by the issuing authority.
  • View your parking fine details and any photographs that were taken at the time online. This evidence may help you decide if your fine review application will be successful. If you choose to pay now, you can pay your parking fine online.
  • Carefully read the reasons considered valid and invalid when Council reviews your fine. Your reason may be listed. The most commonly quoted reasons are listed below.

Invalid Reasons for a Parking Fine Review

Invalid Reasons for an Animal Fine Review

Invalid Reasons for a Local Law, EPA or FRV Fine Review

Valid Reasons for a Fine Review

The Fine Review Process

    Request a Fine Review, Payment Plan or Court Appearance

    If you decide to appeal a fine, request a payment plan or go to court, the request must be made in writing. You can submit a request three ways:


    Online fine review and payment plan application system.

    By Mail

    Print out and complete the fine review, payment plan or court appearance application form ( DOCX 46.11KB).

    Mail the form and supporting evidence to:

    Infringement Review Team, City if Whitehorse, Locked Bag 2, Nunawading DC, Nunawading VIC 3131

    If you prefer to not use the form you can send us a letter instead.

    By Email

    Scan the completed form or letter and all relevant documentation and email to

    Required Information

    All written applications need to include the following information:

    • Your name and postal address (we’ll respond in writing to the address provided)
    • The fine number
    • Your vehicle registration number (for parking fines)
    • An explanation of why you believe the fine/s should be reviewed
    • All relevant supporting documents