Valid Reasons for Withdrawing a Fine

There are five valid reasons that Council may consider to withdraw a fine. For those five reasons, you will need to provide supporting evidence in writing with your request.

The Infringements Act 2006 details the five reasons:

  1. Contrary to law. This means you believe no offence was committed.
  2. Exceptional circumstances. There were unforeseen and verifiable circumstances outside of your control that could excuse your conduct. For example, a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown. This does not include running out of petrol or a medical appointment running over time
  3. Mistaken identity. This means you believe the fine was issued to the incorrect person or vehicle. For example, you weren’t in the alleged location. If another person was driving your car when a parking fine was issued, you can nominate the other driver using a Driver Nomination Form ( PDF 241.17KB) (also known as an Operator Owner Onus Form ( PDF 241.17KB))
  4. Person unaware. You didn’t receive the fine because you changed your address with VicRoads around the same time you incurred the fine
  5. Special Circumstances. Special Circumstances is a specific term defined in fines legislation, where a driver is unable to either understand or control the conduct that led to the offence due to:
  • A mental or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness
  • A serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or a volatile substance
  • Homelessness
  • Family violence

If you feel none of these five reasons apply in your circumstances, you can choose to pay the fine now.

Otherwise, go to Requesting a Fine Review, Payment Arrangement or Magistrate Court Appearance and submit a request.