Victorian Bushfire Information

Air quality

Vic Emergency have issued a Community Information notice for air quality. Everyone should minimise the time spent in smoky conditions whenever practical to do so. For more information please visit the Vic Emergency website.

For information on air quality, visit the Environmental Protection Authority website or the Smoke and Your Health section on Council’s website.

Heat health

Victoria has a number of days when it is extremely hot. This can be a dangerous time for people in the community who are young, have a disability or are elderly.

Extreme heat can make existing medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, worse.

Heat can also cause illnesses such as heat cramps and heat exhaustion which can lead to the life-threatening condition, heat stroke.

For heat notifications, visit the Vic Emergency website or download the Vic Emergency app.

For information on how to look after yourself, family, friends and neighbours visit the extreme heat section on Council’s website.

Trauma/mental health support

People experience a range of emotions following a crisis or after an emergency. If you're going through a tough time and have depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts, talking about your feelings can be hard. Keeping silent could make it feel even worse.

For more information or to talk about your situation you may wish to contact BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636, Lifeline 131144 or the Australian Department of Human Services 132 850 (Multilingual Phone Service on 131 202) or the trauma support section on Council’s website.

Travel notifications

Planning on travelling? Stay up-to-date on emergency warnings and incidents by visiting the Vic Emergency website or download the Vic Emergency app.


Emergency Management Victoria recommends donating to not-for-profit registered charities who are helping bushfire victims, such as:

For general emergency information, visit the emergency section on Council’s website.