Further Information for Carers

Carers are often family members, friends, partners and neighbours who provide regular help and support to other people.  Caring for an older person can be a rewarding experience but it can also be tiring and challenging.  There are many services to help support you in your caring role along with services provided by Council to help you care for an older person. 

Support for Carers

There are a range of carer support services available.  The Carer Gateway is a national website and telephone service for carers to access practical information and support about health and wellbeing, counselling and support, allowances and payments, and legal support. 

Visit the Carer Gateway website or call 1800 422 737 for more information.

Support for the Person Being Cared For

If the person you’re caring for is over 65 and not using aged care services they may benefit from help with living at home or getting out and about.  They may also be eligible for flexible respite to enable you to take a short break from your role while being looked after. 

Find out more about Council's services that support you to care for an older person

Find out how to access Council’s extensive range of flexible aged care support services.