Whitehorse Home and Community Services - Who We Are

Whitehorse City Council is proud to have more than 25 years of history helping our residents to live independently in their homes. We deliver services that reflect people’s interests, needs and preferences and build on what is important to them. We believe people should be valued and respected, connected to their communities and in control of their lives

We are committed to the provision of services in a fair, equitable and inclusive manner to all eligible residents within the municipality from within available resources. We recognise and acknowledge the diversity of the community and the range of needs and characteristics within it, including (but not limited to) cultural diversity, sexual and gender diversity, age, health, socio-economic status, faith and spirituality, and those of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. These characteristics are what we use to provide the best services we can to our community.

Annually we provide support to more than 4,500 residents who want to remain living in the community and participate in community life.  We value and respect your independence and will empower and support you to make decisions relating to the type of care you require.  We will give you choice and flexibility in the way care and support is provided.

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