Registering Your Pet

The due date for animal registration renewals for 2020 has now passed and we thank the many owners who have paid in full. For those who had not paid, the due date was extended to 30 June 2020.

If your animal is no longer living with you please update Council via email at

Pet registration is a legal requirement under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 for every dog and cat over three months of age. Registration enables Council to provide facilities such as dog parks, pounds and shelters and reunite lost pets with their owners.

Registration renewals are due April 10 each year and an annual fee applies. Pensioner concessions are available.

You can be fined for not registering your pet.

First Time Registration

Find out more about first time registration of your dog or cat and register online.

Registration Renewals

Existing registrations must be renewed every year by 10 April and you can pay online. You will receive a renewal notice in March, please check the details and if the information is incorrect, or has changed, please update it on the notice and email to Customer Services.

If you do not receive your renewal by the end of March please contact Council on 9262 6394.

If your pet has passed away or you have left Whitehorse, please call Council on 9262 6394 or email Customer Services and we will update our records. You will no longer receive a registration renewal letter for those pets.

Registration Refunds

You may be eligible for a pet registration refund if your dog or cat has passed away within 3 months of renewal.

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