Whitehorse City Council bin signage design wins gold award at GOV Design Awards

Published: Monday 05 Jun 2023

Whitehorse City Council and Chee Design have won Gold in the Graphic Design – Environmental category at the GOV Design Awards 2023. The Box Hill Bin Signage Project promotes responsible waste disposal in Melbourne's Box Hill community. It features 10 location-specific poster designs. 
The project builds on Whitehorse City Council's waste management efforts and community consultation. The posters aim to educate the community in a friendly and inviting manner. They incorporate illustrations of local parks, waterways, and native flora and fauna, reflecting residents' desire for a clean environment. 
The posters represent Box Hill's cultural diversity, with the Chinese-speaking local community being consulted on their input into the project. The posters are visually appealing, fitting harmoniously with parkland surroundings, and distinct from other outdoor advertisements in busy shopping areas. 
The posters are displayed in 36 locations across Box Hill, tailored to convey specific messages in each area. Love Your Park and Love Where You Play posters highlight the environmental and social benefits of parks and the importance of wildlife protection. Love Where You Live showcases the lifestyle amenities in Box Hill, while Love Where You Meet and Love Where You Shop emphasise local community and support for businesses, promoting reusable items. 
Choose to Reuse and Keep it Clean and Green incorporate the Box Hill logo innovatively, integrating it with wildlife, shopping bags, and coffee cups. The design fulfils three requirements for Whitehorse City Council: showcasing the logo, promoting responsible waste disposal, and connecting culturally diverse residents with their community. 
The ten different poster designs use bold colours, simple graphics, and stylised illustrations that stand out while complementing the local surroundings. Each poster has a different focus, featuring local landmarks and native species. The colour palette aligns with the new Box Hill logo. 
The project was also a finalist in the Sustainable Cities Award 2021 in the Litter category, recognised for evoking pride, promoting waste disposal, and engaging the community, including the Chinese-speaking community. 
Congratulations to the Whitehorse City Council staff involved in the project, and Chee Design for helping us bring our vision to life. 
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