New Box Hill Car Park Makes Strong “Green” Statement

Published: Wednesday 18 Sep 2019

The innovative architectural design and environmentally-sustainable design (ESD) features of the new Council-owned Harrow Street multi-deck car park in Box Hill were highlighted by Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Bill Bennett at the official opening.

“Although fundamentally a car park, this building makes a strong ‘green’ statement,” Cr Bennett said.

“Whitehorse City Council’s Major Projects team, in conjunction with the assigned architects, designed a car park that’s highly functional in its use of space yet understated in its visual presence through clever integration with the environmental surrounds.”

The outside of the building has recessed landscaped garden beds along John and Harrow streets, there is strong visual and physical connection with Pioneer Park, and the existing mature eucalypt trees along the southern boundary have been retained to preserve the existing buffer between the building and neighbouring residences. 

The ESD features include:

  • LED lights, linked to motion sensors to reduce consumption, fitted throughout
  • a 110,000 litre raingarden tank to capture and store rain runoff from downpipes, filtering the water prior to releasing into the stormwater system
  • a 45,000 litre underground detention tank to capture water from high intensity rainfall events, and slowly release it into the stormwater system
  • plus the availability of four electric car charging stations

“To further enhance the local environment and create improved green spaces for the community to enjoy, Council has redeveloped the adjacent Pioneer Park into an attractive setting with new paths, landscaped areas and additional bench seating. 
“I can just imagine Pioneer Park would be a lovely place to sit and have lunch or read a book on a sunny day,” Cr Bennett added.

The car park has 562 parking bays over five levels. For operating details, please visit

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