North East Link tree plantings

Published: Wednesday 04 Aug 2021

Council has received funding from North East Link to plant and maintain the trees to ensure they grow to provide a great environment for our human and wildlife community.

To build the upgraded Eastern Freeway, some trees will need to be protected and others removed. For every tree removed, at least two will be planted – including new trees in the City of Whitehorse.

Well before the works commence, the first round of trees will be planted in Whitehorse in the coming months.

Approximately 300 trees will be planted across four sites within Whitehorse – Slater Reserve, Blackburn North; Memorial Park, Box Hill North; RE Gray Reserve, Nunawading and Heatherdale Creek Parklands, Mitcham.

The trees have been grown at Council’s ParksWide Nursery from seeds collected in the local area.  

Many more trees will be planted in the City of Whitehorse over the coming years, as the North East Link project progresses.

For more information on the North East Link tree planting program, please visit

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