Urban Picnic Park in Blackburn Village

Published: Tuesday 22 Dec 2020

A drab Blackburn laneway was transformed into a vibrant community hub within a matter of days as part of Whitehorse Council’s commitment to helping businesses and communities thrive as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Working off an idea instigated by Whitehorse business owner and resident Amy To and in collaboration with enthusiastic local traders, the urban picnic park installation is designed to foster community engagement.

Ms To was thrilled with the result, saying she was “ecstatic – this is the best Christmas ever”.

“My vision of Amor Mexico is not just a restaurant – I see it as a community conscious cultural hub,” she said. “A place where people can come together to connect, create and celebrate.

“It’s a space for residents and I hope it will drive a lot of business for local traders. It will play a vital role in reinvigorating the area and driving the local economy.”

Moving from their Forest Hill location after 16 years to Blackburn, Ms To was enthused with the support shown first by Councillor Andrew Munroe and then from within Council.

The laneway went from bare to complete within two weeks.

“It started as a community initiative. From dream to reality, it takes many hands to make it happen and I am so grateful for the Council support,” Ms To said. 

The urban picnic park is in the newly named Community Lane in Blackburn Village, off Blackburn Road.

4 women sitting at tables at the Urban Picnic Park in Blackburn Village
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