Supported Playgroups - SmallTalk

Whitehorse News - January 2020

Smalltalk is a short term playgroup that usually runs for 10 weeks (a school term) and is designed to increase positive child parent/caregiver interactions, and increase confidence to do the things we know can have a positive impact on children's learning, social, and emotional development.

It is about using everyday opportunities and activities that many parents and caregivers already do in the home. By attending the Supported Playgroup with your child, you will learn tips and lots of relevant advice. Information is shared about the way parents and caregivers can talk, listen and play with their children, read together and how they can engage them in interesting and stimulating activities. 

Smalltalk also encourages self-care and, where needed, it also helps build relevant links within our community and local services. Some families may also be eligible for in-home support. 

A playgroup has also been started for parent and caregivers of children with special needs. 

More information 
Natasha – 9262 6406