Whitehorse City Council

Neighbourhood Houses

Neighbourhood and community houses in Whitehorse are funded by Council, the state government, class fees, fundraising and donations.

What Do Neighbourhood and Community Houses Do?

  • Provide affordable adult learning opportunities in a supportive, friendly environment
  • Offer a broad range of activities to suit all ages - we know you will find something to suit you
  • Work in ways to assist people to gain more confidence, personal growth and support in everyday life
  • Work together to help make our community stronger and a better place to live 
  • Promote a sense of belonging, equity, access and community participation for everyone
  • Provide a range of opportunities for local people to contribute time and skills in the house in a voluntary capacity

What's On for Term 1

See what's on for Term 4 by downloading the event listings below.

You can locate other events hosted by Neighbourhood Houses by: