Residential Parking Permits

Council’s Residential Parking Permit scheme provides a balance of on-street parking opportunities for residents, their visitors and other parking demands. Residential Parking Permits may be available for residents who live within a time-restricted or permit parking area.

Please refer to the eligibility criteria and conditions of use of the permit before applying.

The Whitehorse City Council Residential Parking Policy ( PDF 781.2KB) defines the eligibility criteria and circumstances in which a Residential Parking Permit may be issued.

Residential Parking Permit Information on this Page

Residential Parking Permit Eligibility Conditions

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    Check you meet the criteria before applying

    Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre Area

    Only single dwellings within the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre (BHMAC) are eligible for Residential Parking Permits. Any multi-dwelling development (more than one dwelling on the block e.g. duplex, apartments, town houses, units etc.) are not eligible for a Residential Parking Permit.

    Residents who live within the BHMAC in single dwellings are subject to the same eligibility criteria. (Refer to Applying for a New Permit for a list of eligible identification).

    To check if your property is in the BHMAC:

    • Enter your address on the map below
    • The BHMAC Area is marked in pink - NOTE: If your property falls within the marked pink area and you live in a multi-dwelling development (more than one dwelling on the block e.g. duplex, apartments, town houses, units etc.), you are not eligible for a Residential Parking Permit.

    Available Residential Parking Permit Types

    There are a number of available Residential Parking Permit types:

        Number of Residential Parking Permits Available to Eligible Residents

        The number of Residential Parking Permits available for each eligible household has been limited to provide fair and equitable options for all drivers. This helps share the limited number of parking spaces amongst residents, visitors and tradesmen while still providing preferential parking for residents.

        The available number of Residential Parking Permits are limited to:

        Dwellings per Lot Maximum Number of Permits
        One dwelling Three permits
        Two to three dwellings  Two permits per dwelling
        Four to fifteen dwellings One permit per dwelling
        More than 15 dwellings No permits

        NOTE: No additional permits are available.

        Where you Can and Cannot Use a Residential Parking Permit 

            Residential Parking Permit Conditions of Use

            Contravening the Residential Parking Permit conditions may result in the cancellation or suspension of permits or restrictions being placed on permit eligibility for the remaining life of the permit. No refunds will be given where a permit is cancelled due to breach of its conditions.

            Residential Parking Permit Cost

            Permit Cost
            One permit Nil
            Two permits - Combined cost $64.00
            Three permits - Combined cost $186.00

            Applying for a New Residential Parking Permit

            Applications can be lodged either:

            1. Online or
            2. By applying in person at one of our Service Centres. For further information regarding the operating hours and locations visit the Contact Us page.

            Included in the application must be one form of evidence that confirms the property is the applicant’s primary residence and the prescribed payment. Refer to the Permit eligibility conditions.

            • You must abide by the local parking restrictions UNTIL you can use the Residential Parking Permit in the designated area.
            • Please read the eligibility criteria carefully. If you purchase a Residential Parking Permit online, you are required to pay the application fees up front. If you are ineligible for a Residential Parking Permit, the application fees will be refunded to you.

            Renewing your Residential Parking Permit

            Before your 12 month Residential Parking Permit expires, Council will forward you a renewal notice and you can pay online. A new application must be made for any of the other types of Residential Parking Permits.

            If your contact or vehicle details have changed, email with your updated details before making the payment. We will update your record and send you a confirmation email to make the online payment.

            Replacing Lost, Damaged or Stolen Residential Parking Permits

            Replacement Residential Parking Permits are available. A replacement cost of $5 will apply.

            NOTE: Falsely claiming that a Residential Parking Permit is lost or misplaced to obtain an additional permit may result in criminal prosecution and/or suspension of any permits issued by Council. For first or subsequent offences, Council may take a range of enforcement actions including issuing an infringement notice or prosecution.

            Residential Parking Permit Suspension/Cancellation

            If Residential Parking Permits are used in breach of the conditions of use, fraudulently applied for with false or misleading information, Whitehorse City Council may withdraw one or all issued Residential Parking Permits.

            No refunds will be given where a Residential Parking Permit is cancelled due to breach of permit conditions.

            Residential Parking Permits may be suspended at any time by members of the Victoria Police or authorised Council Officers.

            A Residential Parking Permit holder has the right to appeal the cancellation or suspension of their Residential Parking Permits. They may make a request in writing to the Whitehorse City Council Manager of Community Safety and clearly state the reasons why the decision should be reviewed.