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Box Hill Gardens Play Space and Community Gathering Space

The play and gathering space was built in 2018 and is located in the heart of the Box Hill Gardens.

The play space is one of Council’s larger play spaces that caters for locals and visitors to the area, as well as a multitude of ages and abilities. The play space is vibrant and colourful, and offers a variety of play experiences and strength building opportunities through rope climbing, swinging and spinning, balancing and sliding and jumping activities. A dual cable ride stretches across the play space, and a raised fort with large slide offers users an exciting ride back down to the play space surrounds.

pdf icon Concept ideas for the play space (1.14MB) were developed with several local schools, to help inform the site design.

The Community Gathering Space links with the play space surrounds and includes a series of shelters, furniture and BBQ facilities that overlook the Gardens.


Council provides and maintains 170 playgrounds throughout the City of Whitehorse for the enjoyment of all children, parents and carers.  To ensure the ongoing safety of the playgrounds, Council manages an extensive auditing procedure, to assess the condition and suitability of all playgrounds.

To locate your nearest playground, go to Whitehorse Maps

Popular Playgrounds in Whitehorse

PlaygroundHalliday Park

Location: Mitcham Road, Mitcham

Melway ref: 48 J7

Features: Large playground in the park with access to barbecue, park tables, rotunda and public toilets.


Elgar Park

Location: Belmore Road, Month Albert North

Melway ref: 47 B4

Features: Large playground next to miniature railway park, with access to public toilets and seating.

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Location: Central Road, Blackburn

Melway ref: 48 B11

Features: Large playground located within the Sanctuary, with access to tables and public toilets.

Box Hill Gardens

Location: Irving Avenue, Box Hill

Melway ref: 75A F2

Features: Two playgrounds with access to public toilets, park tables and barbecue.

Wattle Park (managed by Parks Victoria)

Location: Riversdale Road, Burwood

Melway ref: 60 J3

Features: Large playground with tram. Access for people with a disability. Other features include park tables, barbecue and public toilets.

Playgrounds that Cater for Children with a Disability

Tunstall Park Playground

Location: Luckie Street, Nunawading

Melway ref: (48 E8)

Features: Tunstall Park is a large-sized playground surrounded by existing vegetation of large eucalypts. The playground supports an early childhood play environment with cubby houses and rockers, as well as a more adventurous type of play with a variety of stations designed to develop a child’s strength and physical capabilities. The park offers multiple swings, slides and linked activity units to provide a child with the most out of a constructed play environment. The swings at this playground are accessible and the surfacing is rubberised for ease of movement to the swing set. Tunstall Park includes a large playground with a tram/transport theme, accessible swings. Suitable for ages 2-12 years.

Surrey Dive Park PlaygroundPlayground Surrey Dive

Location: Off Elgar Road, Box Hill at Standard Avenue

Melway ref: 47 B1

Features: Surrey Dive playground is a series of two medium-sized playgrounds situated adjacent to Surrey Dive Lake. The playground is adventurous with a large spiral slide, lighthouse structure and accessible swings. The playground engages with a child’s imagination with a large timber pirate ship situated in the middle. The swings at this playground are accessible and a rubberised surfacing provides ease of movement to the swing set. Surrey Drive includes two playgrounds, one themed as a sail boat and one themed as a light house, accessible swings. Suitable for ages 2-12 years. Barbeque, park tables and shelter on site.

Hanover Reserve Playground

Location: Hanover Road, Vermont South

Melway ref: 62 H6

Features: Hanover Reserve is a medium-sized park that offers adventurous type play. The linked climbing activity units provide a variety of stations designed to develop a child’s strength and physical capabilities. The park offers multiple slides and swings to engage a child in play. The swings at this playground are accessible and contain rubberised surfacing for ease of movement to the swing set. Hanover Reserve includes medium playground with accessible pathways and ramp leading up to a deck.

Victoria Rose Play Space (Glenmore Chain)Girl playing at Victoria Rose Play Space

Location: between Victoria Street and Rose Street, Box Hill

Melway ref: 47 E11

Features: The sensory play space aims to create a relaxing and therapeutic space for all members of the community, a place to relax, reflect, meditate, contemplate and talk. The sensory garden provides an outstanding example of a playful landscape and garden accessibility, as well as a local destination for people with disabilities and their families and carers. Paths are fully accessible and a variety of equipment is interactive for all users. small local bird themed playground, with sculptured animals and birds throughout the space. Also included are sensory play pieces which engage users with sound at this play space. 

Furness Park

Location: close to Heath Street, Blackburn

Melway ref: 47 K11

Features: The park features an all-abilities swing.