Whitehorse City Council

Whitehorse Tree Education Program

Council’s Tree Education Program is now underway with free workshops and presentations for residential and community groups and other interested parties.

The program is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of trees in an urban environment and to encourage residents to plant and maintain more trees.

Topics include:

  • Why trees matter in our neighbourhood?
  • How much is a tree worth?
  • Creating urban forests
  • Wildlife of Whitehorse
  • Wildlife habitat and green corridors
  • General technical information such as: what to plant, how to plant, how to prune, how to look after trees, food forests and fruit trees.

For more information please contact the Tree Education Officer, Millie Wells.

1A-Single-House-New-Dwelling-Blackburn-House-no-1 1B-Single-House-New-Dwelling-Blackburn-House-no

This home won the the Single House – New Dwelling Award at Council's Built Environment Awards 2017. The brief was to design a “green” home that would take full advantage of the unique bushland setting and creek meandering through the property.

For more information, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Built-Environment-Awards.html

For more information about plants indigenous to Whitehorse, www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Indigenous-Plants.html