Whitehorse City Council

Local Laws & Animals

Local laws are designed to help Whitehorse residents enjoy the area, maintain a safe environment and manage issues that may cause a nuisance.

Council's Community Laws Department is responsible for parking control, animal management, administering Council's local laws and providing school crossing supervision. 

Abandoned & Derelict Vehicles
Council has local laws in place that address vehicles left abandoned in streets and on properties.

Animal registrations, barking dogs complaints, cruelty to animals, lost dogs and cats.

Burning Off
Lighting fires in the open or incinerators is prohibited in Whitehorse.

Community Local Law 2014
Community Local Law 2014 documents.

Construction Management Plans
Plans that specify how construction activity for a project will be organised to minimise disruption to the surrounding community.

Fire Hazards
Council officers inspect properties in the City of Whitehorse to ensure that long grass and any materials that may pose a fire hazard are removed.

Footpath Trading & Advertising
Business owners require a permit from Council if they wish to use the footpath outside their premises for goods, signage, tables and chairs, barriers, umbrellas or similar.

Littering is a serious offence and Council can issue fines to offenders under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Making a complaint about excessive and unreasonable noise.

Overhanging Vegetation
Keeping footpaths that adjoin your property free of overhanging vegetation (and other obstructions) to pedestrians and traffic.

Parking regulations are state laws that are supervised by Council's traffic officers and are designed to maintain safety and turnover of parking spaces.

School Crossing Supervisors
The 95 operational school crossings in Whitehorse are staffed by school crossing supervisors.

Shopping Trolleys
Shopping trolleys should not be left on streets, footpaths or nature strips and should be returned to their owner.

Victorian Law Foundation - Neighbours, the law and you
A comprehensive guide to people's rights and responsibilities as neighbours.

For meeting procedures and use of common seal, please read the following Local Law:
pdf icon  Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013 Signed and Sealed (7.88MB).