Using Public Land to Sell Goods and Vehicles or Repair Vehicles

The Whitehorse Community Local Law 2014 ( PDF 280.06KB) prohibits you to place any advertising signs, goods on display or for sale, or advertise a vehicle for sale on a road or Council land, or in any other public place without a permit. It is also illegal to, without a permit, paint, service or carry out maintenance on a vehicle on any public road, Council-controlled land or in a public place except if the works are required so that the vehicle can be removed. If you conduct any of these activities without a permit, you may be fined.

Council-controlled land include roads, nature strips, council reserves, public places or car parks. 

If you have a business and wish to have goods for sale or an A board advertising, visit Council's footpath trading web page.

Parking vehicles on roadsides and Council-controlled land creates hazards for motorists as it can cause visual distractions and traffic congestion issues. The vehicles can also cause damage to grass, vegetation and tree roots. If you do so, you may be fined.

If you are advertising a vehicle for sale you can park it in your driveway, or on your front lawn but not on the road or the naturestrip.

Permit Conditions

  • The permit holder must ensure that all the permit conditions are complied with at all times.
  • The permit is not transferrable:
    • Permits are not to be photocopied or used by someone not named on the permit
    • Permits are not to be leased, sold or given away
    • No form of advertising of a permit for rent, lease, sale profit or other beneficial or fraudulent consideration of causing such an advertisement to be published is permitted.
  • The permit holder or their representative must comply with any parking regulations in the area if required, unless otherwise agreed to by Council. A permit will not override any clearway or freeway parking restrictions.
  • Manholes, hydrants, telephone boxes, taxi ranks and tram and bus stops may not be obstructed.
  • The permit does not entitle the permit holder to cause danger to the normal flow of traffic or restrict traffic movements.
  • Council will NOT allow, without a valid Council permit, the installation of permanent structures on Council land.
  • At the conclusion of the permit period a new application form must be submitted.
  • The permit must be produced for an Authorised Council Officer on request.
  • The permit holder will comply with all directions by a member of Victoria Police or Authorised Council Officer, including a direction that the permitted activity cease and any related plant or equipment be removed.
  • Any other conditions related to the permitted activity - See list below.

Permit Condition Breaches

If the permit holder breaches the permit conditions:

  • The permit may be cancelled
  • Penalties may be applied
  • Costs incurred by Council may be charged directly to the permit holder
  • Goods or equipment may be impounded
  • Future permit applications may be declined.