Whitehorse City Council

Parenting Information Forum Program

Council’s Health and Family Services department is pleased to be once again running a series of Parenting Information Forums for Whitehorse parents, grandparents and carers in 2019.

To deliver the Parenting Information Forum Program, Council uses a range of guest speakers to reflect the diverse range of parenting approaches that individuals, communities and cultures hold.  The program aims to achieve great outcomes for families, children and young people and believes that effective parenting matters to a child’s lifelong development and overall wellbeing. By extension Whitehorse Council believes that we must support parents to develop key parenting skills and to relieve common parenting pressures through information.

The information provided to parents at our Parenting Information Forum program does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Council or any employee thereof. Council is therefore not responsible for the accuracy or validity of any of the information presented by the guest presenters.

Transition into Education
Louise Dorrat – Early Childhood Consultant

Wednesday 20 March
This session will aim to provide practical strategies, including the importance of play and developing resilience to prepare your child for a smooth and positive transition into the education system.

How do I talk to my children about drugs & alcohol?
Horace Wansborough - YSAS


Tuesday 16 April 
This forum allows young people to be alongside their parents, sharing developmentally-appropriate, factual information about prevention, harm reduction & safe choices.
Effects of Online Gaming on our Children & Youth
Steven Dupon – Institute of Games


Tuesday 14 May
Learn about parenting strategies to balance screen time in the family home, when to seek professional help and how to create positive gaming experiences.
Sustainable Parenting: Top tips from a Waste Free Family
Erin Rhoads - The Rogue Ginger


Friday 31 May | 10am-11:30am – Burgess Family Centre
Join Erin for a fun and lively discussion on how to parent without so much waste, and save money in the process. Babies on laps welcome.
Understanding & Responding to Children’s Behaviour
Angela McGann – Early Life Foundation


Tuesday 18 June
Angela will provide an overview of some of the reasons why children behave the way they do and give practical strategies for parents to support and guide their behaviours in appropriate ways.
Sexuality & Respectful Relationships
Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli – Deakin University


Monday 29 July
Maria will address issues relating to sexuality and respectful relationships relevant to both parents and young people as well as providing strategies on how to have healthy parent-child conversations.
Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
Joanie Bartolo – Emotion Wise


Tuesday 6 August
Joanie will share the 5 steps of emotion coaching, which help parents recognise, understand and respond to children’s emotions in an accepting and supportive way.
Parenting Anxious Children
Michelle Graeber – Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria


Thursday 12 September
This session will aim to provide an understanding of anxiety, signs & symptoms to be aware of and provide information of where to go for further help, support and information.
Body Confident Children & Teens
Butterfly Foundation


Tuesday 8 October
Join the Butterfly Foundation for a relaxed and informative forum to gain knowledge, information and tips to help better understand and promote positive body image in the home.

Topics and guest speakers are carefully selected to reflect a diverse range of parenting approaches.

The program achieves great outcomes for families, children and young people and reflects Council’s belief that effective parenting influences a child’s lifelong development and overall wellbeing.

Where: Whitehorse Centre, located at the rear of 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.

Cost: Forums will continue to be offered at a very low cost of only a $2 gold coin donation, which are donated to local community organisations each year.

Further details: pdf icon Parenting Information Forum brochure (270.30kB)

If you have any questions, please contact our Parent Resource Officer via email parentresource@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or 9262 6175.