Whitehorse City Council

Parenting Information Forum Program

Council’s Health and Family Services department is pleased to be once again running a series of Parenting Information Forums for Whitehorse parents, grandparents and carers in 2017.

What are Parenting Information Forums?

To deliver the Parenting Information Forum Program, Council uses a range of guest speakers to reflect the diverse range of parenting approaches that individuals, communities and cultures hold.  The program aims to achieve great outcomes for families, children and young people and believes that effective parenting matters to a child’s lifelong development and overall wellbeing.  By extension Whitehorse Council believes that we must support parents to develop key parenting skills and to relieve common parenting pressures through information.

The information provided to parents at our Parenting Information Forum program does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Council or any employee thereof. Council is therefore not responsible for the accuracy or validity of any of the information presented by the guest presenters.

2018 Calendar

Below are the dates for the 2018 Parenting Information Forums. For further information please contact Council’s Parent Resource Officer on 9262 6175 or parentresource@whitehorse.vic.gov.au  


Further Information
Tuesday 27 March Transition from Kinder to Primary School Louise Dorrat
Early Childhood Consultant


Tuesday 17 April Parenting in a Digital World  Martine Oglethorpe


Tuesday 22 May Promoting body safety & protective behaviours in our children Deanne Carson
Body Safety Australia


Tuesday 19 June Positive & Effective Ways of Managing Children’s Behaviours Sally Ward
Early Life Foundation


Tuesday 17 July Making sense of adolescence & risk taking behaviours Rod Dungan
Thriving Youth


Tuesday 28 August Supporting our Children with Peer Relationships & Bullying Michelle Murray
Bully Zero


Tuesday 18 September Managing VCE Stress Silvana Lettieri


Tuesday 16 October Surviving High School Sharon Witt

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