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Across Australia, more than 6 million volunteers add to the wellbeing of their fellow community members through their volunteering.

These volunteers contribute more than 700 million hours of community service each year. Whitehorse volunteers make invaluable contributions to a large number of Council programs such as:

For help finding a volunteer role:

Why VolunteerGive Happy Live Happy

According to Volunteering Australia:

  • Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer – doctors should recommend it!
  • Volunteering results in a ‘helper’s high’, a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.
  • 96 per cent of volunteers say that it makes people happier
  • Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood.


Local Volunteering Opportunities

The City of Whitehorse is fortunate to have a vibrant volunteer community. Many of the organisations that operate in Whitehorse could not do so without the support and commitment of volunteers. Council recognises and values the contribution that volunteers make to our local community and the vital role that these volunteers play by strengthening and enhancing community connectedness.

Are you looking for a volunteer role?

Eastern Volunteers can help you find a volunteer position in Whitehorse, Maroondah or Yarra Ranges. Visit their website to arrange a time to discuss the type of volunteering that would best suit you.

Council and Eastern Volunteers have produced “Get Involved: Local volunteering opportunities.” This free booklet profiles local community organisations and their volunteering opportunities.

Download the pdf icon Get Involved - Local Volunteering Opportunities (411.74kB).


Volunteering Resources

For more information about volunteering, visit the websites below:

Volunteer Donations

If you would like to learn more about how you can donate to a volunteer organisation, please visit the Volunteer Donations webpage.