Public Submissions

The objective is to enhance the consultative process and facilitate public participation and involvement of the community in Council decision making in accordance with Council’s Corporate Plan strategies – good governance.


To facilitate public participation and involvement in meetings of the Special Committee. These Guidelines complement Council’s Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013.

Provision for Public Participation

The public has two opportunities to participate in this meeting – either by a submission which may be heard at the start of the meeting,(i.e. Public Submissions, refer below) or if the item is on the agenda, immediately prior to consideration of the item, and by Public Comment later in the meeting. There is no public interjection during the meeting and speakers are heard in an orderly manner.

Public Submissions

A submission may be made on any matter, providing it is not in contravention of Council’s Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013.

A maximum of 10 speakers will be permitted to make a submission and they will be determined in order of registration.

No individual submission shall exceed three minutes.

Where submissions have been made, under the provisions of any statutory process, further submissions shall not be heard, unless the matter is listed as an item of business on the Special Committee of Council agenda.

Procedures for Public Submissions

A feature of Council’s Special Committee meetings is the provision for public submissions.

A maximum of 10 speakers (up to 3 minutes each) will be permitted to speak. Requests to speak will be registered in the order of receipt. It should be noted however, that the Chairperson retains the right to vary the order, where it is deemed appropriate.

Specifically, a person wishing to register to make a public submission must contact the Committee Clerk, Civic Services by telephoning 9262 6337, as follows:

  •  For any land use planning matters*

Contact must be made at least 5 working days prior to the meeting (i.e. Monday prior meeting). Otherwise the submission cannot be heard and will need to be submitted to the following Special Committee meeting.

The person must also indicate whether he/she will be speaking in support of or in opposition to the Planning Permit Application or Planning Scheme Amendment.

  • For any other matters

Contact must be made by 4pm on the day of the meeting (i.e. Monday).

If a person wishes to circulate written material, they should provide 15 copies (clearly marked) to the Committee Clerk preferably no later than 6.50pm and before the start of the meeting.


* Council officers will contact and invite person/s whose interests are inimical to those of the person who has registered to speak, to register by 4pm on the day of the meeting and to attend and speak.

Public Comment

After the “Other Business” Section of the meeting has concluded, the Mayor will invite members of the gallery to indicate by show of hands if they wish to make a comment. Only matters pertaining to this evening’s meeting are to be commented on, (i.e. a Council Officer report or presentation, and any “Other Business” matters) and a 3 minute period per speaker applies.  A maximum period of 15 minutes shall be provided for public comment. The Mayor will call individuals forward to be heard and they should begin by clearly stating their name. This is a period for comment, not questions or debate and there is no opportunity for any further Public Submissions.

Also clearly noting, that any person who has spoken as part of the “Public Submissions” segment, does not have a further entitlement to speak again, nor do others who have not registered under “Public Submissions.”

Adoption and Amendment of these Guidelines

These guidelines were adopted by resolution of Council dated 19 August 2013 and may be further amended by resolution of Council from time to time. The Chairperson at his or her discretion may vary procedures under these Guidelines, at any meeting of the Special Committee.