Parking Zones and Permits

Parking Permits are available to assist residents, construction workers, traders and people with disabilities to have access to appropriate parking close to where they live, work and attend medical appointments. Parking zones indicate where specialist road users such as bus, taxi, delivery, mail van, and truck drivers can safely stop and provide their services to residents and businesses.

Parking Zones

Accessible (Disabled) Parking Bays

Accessible parking bays allow drivers or passengers with a disability and organisations that transport people with disabilities to more easily park in areas with a high demand for parking.

For more information about accessible parking permits, please refer to the Accessible Parking web page.

Residential Parking Zones

Residential parking zones cover some areas of the city to provide a balance of on-street parking opportunities for local residents, their visitors and other parking demands. Council’s residential parking permit scheme is available for residents to obtain permits to park in these zones.

Trader Parking Zones

Trader parking zones are designed to provide business owners with a Trader Parking Permit for all day parking for traders close to their businesses. There are trader parking zones at:

  • Bennetswood shopping strip (Bronte Road)
  • Blackburn Shopping Precinct
  • Brentford Square
  • Mont Albert North (Milne Road)
  • Mitcham multi-deck car park
  • Mont Albert Village
  • Salisbury Avenue (Laburnum Street)

Construction Worker Parking Zones

Construction Worker Parking Zones allow specific construction workers or tradespeople holding a construction workers parking permit to park their vehicles on-street in designated areas for a one to twelve week period.

Loading Zones

Loading zones may only be used by authorised vehicles that deliver or pick up goods, services or people. These vehicles include taxis, buses, trucks, vans, utilities and other vehicles used for delivery who have permanent signs fixed to both sides of the vehicle. Note: magnetic signs are not permitted.

If there is no time limit on the Loading Zone sign, then 30 minutes is the maximum time that an authorised vehicle can park in a loading zone.

Truck, Bus, Mail, Taxi and Works Zones

Only designated trucks, buses, mail delivery vans, taxies and construction vehicles can use their respective zones. More information is available on the VicRoads Parking web page.

Parking Permits

You can apply for the following parking permits by clicking on the links below.