Order, Repair, Swap or Cancel Bins

Council's Kerbside Waste Service Charge includes an 80 litre garbage bin and a recycling bin. Additional bins can be ordered for properties (charges apply).

Before you order, repair, swap or cancel a bin read the information below including bin charges and terms and conditions:

 Order, repair, swap or cancel your bin:

About Bins

  • 80 litres is the standard size garbage bin. Only one 80 litre garbage bin is allowed per property. 
  • 240 litres is the standard size recycling bin. 360 litre recycling bins are no longer offered. 360 litre recycling bins will only be replaced with the 240 litre size bin.
  • All Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) bins are chargeable.
  • Maximum of two of any bin type.
  • Only property owners or managing agents can order or swap bins because these services incur extra charges on the rate notice.
  • Property owners may lodge a maximum of two requests per financial year regarding changes to their bin configuration. This includes new bins and changes to bin sizes. Exceptions may be granted where there is a change in ownership, a change in tenant, or other exceptional circumstance.
  • Tenants wishing to order or swap these services must contact the owner or managing agent and ask them to submit a request on their behalf.
  • Tenants may only report damaged or missing/stolen bins.
  • If we are unable to repair a bin it will be replaced.
  • See photos of each bin size.
  • Read the full terms and conditions.

Bin Fees

Waste Service Charges 2023-24
Fee Type Annual Fee (GST free)

Kerbside Waste Service Charge  

(1x80 litre garbage bin and 1x recycling bin)


Public Waste Service Charge

Supplementary Bin Charge See below
Garbage Bin Fees 2023-24
Capacity Number of Bins for Capacity Annual Fee (GST free)
80 Litres (standard bin)                 1 (limit of 1 per household) Included in Kerbside Waste Service Charge
120 Litres 1 $67.00
200 Litres 2 (80L + 120L) $280.00
240 Litres

1 (1 x 240L) or 2 (2 x 120L)      

320 Litres 2 (80L + 240L) $560.00
360 Litres 2 (120L + 240L) $627.00
480 Litres 2 (2 x 240L) $907.00
Recycling Bin Fees 2023-24
Bin Type Annual Fee (GST free)  
First Recycling Bin                        Included in Kerbside Waste Service Charge                                                   
Additional Recycling Bin $60.00
Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Bin Fees 2023-24
Bin Size                                        Annual Fee (GST free)                                                                                    
140 litres $66 
240 litres $87

Note: the 2022/23 FOGO New User fee is no longer available. Standard fees will apply to all properties in the 2023/24 financial year.

Shared Bins

Owners' corporation managers and retirement village managers can request shared garbage, recycling and food and garden organics bins on behalf of property owners.

Request a shared bin.

Managing Agents

Managing Agents, including owners corporations and business managers of company owned property, can order garbage, garden organic and recycling bin services. They need to complete the corresponding form: