Pools and Spas

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The State Government has introduced a mandatory pool and spa registration process for all pools and spa owners in Victoria. All pools and spas should have been registered by 1 November 2020. Whitehorse Council are still accepting registrations. Failure to register a swimming pool or spa could face a fee up to $1652.00.

The aim of this new requirement is to prevent accidental drownings in residential pools and spas across Victoria by ensuring safety barriers are maintained. 

Owners of residential properties with a pool or spa will now have to:

Pool and spa registration process

This requirement applies to all swimming pools and spas containing water greater than 30cm including:

Safety Barrier Regulations

Please refer to the information below related to the pool and spa safety barrier regulations.

No Pool or Spa on your Property

If you have received a letter from Council requesting you to register a pool or spa and there is no pool or spa on your property please notify Council so our Pool/spa Register can be updated. Please note, an inspection may follow.

Permits for New Pool or Spa