Report a Missed Collection

Bins are collected until 6pm on designated collection days.

Please note: We are unable to return to collect bins that were not put out on time. Most bins are collected from 6am, with some exceptions such as main roads where collections start earlier to avoid traffic problems. Help us to collect your bin by putting it out the night before collection day.

If your bin was put out on time (before 6am) you can report a missed collection within 2 days from your collection day. Requests cannot be accepted after 4pm on the second business day after the collection day.

After we receive your notification our waste collection contractor will return within 2 business days.

  • Please leave your bin out for collection
  • Check that your bin is not too heavy (over 70kg)
  • Ensure that your recycling does not contain the wrong thing – Check our list of recycling items
  • Ensure that your bin is presented in an accessible location for the collection truck