Parking Fines and Infringements

Council encourages a regular turnover of parking bays through parking restrictions so that drivers can have fair access to areas with a limited parking. Council enforces the parking restrictions by issuing fines to people who do not obey the restrictions. Council prefers drivers to follow the rules rather than issuing fines.

A fine is normally placed on the passenger side of the windscreen or handed to a driver. Sometimes, a fine may be sent to the vehicle owner in the mail.

NOTE: If a driver returns to their vehicle and a Parking Services Officer has already printed the fine, it cannot be cancelled.

How to Avoid a Parking Fine

Follow these simple tips to avoid receiving a fine:

  • Take the time to read the parking signs (there maybe more than one parking restriction that applies)
  • Think about how much time you will need when choosing a time-restricted parking space
  • Park where the restrictions suit your needs
  • Park legally in unrestricted areas
  • Clearly display any paid parking machine ticket on your dashboard so that all its details can be seen from outside the vehicle or pay for parking using PayStay
  • Ensure valid parking permits are clearly visible from outside the vehicle and the vehicle is parked in an area authorised for the permit. Note, a parking permit is not valid if the details cannot be read from outside the vehicle.

Your Vehicle was Towed from a Clearway and you received a Fine

City of Whitehorse clearways are patrolled by a towing company appointed by the Department of Transport and Planning.

The towing company may tow away and impound your vehicle if you park it in a clearway during clearway times.

Council is not involved in this process, however, we will continue to patrol clearway zones outside of clearway times to enforce non-clearway parking time limits.

We will leave an infringement but we will not tow and impound your car. You can check if your car was towed and impounded from a clearway by the Department of Transport and Planning by visiting the Clearway Towing page.

Parking Fine Costs

Fine costs vary depending on the offence. The fine amount for each parking fine is set out in the Road Safety Road Rules Victoria 2017. Penalty unit amounts are set by the Monetary Units Act 2004 and fine costs are subject to annual increases.

Note: Council cannot vary or reduce parking fines.

If fines are not paid by the due date, additional costs are applied which can escalate if the fine remains unpaid.