Child Safety Incident Reporting

Whitehorse City Council is committed to being a child safe organisation and has zero tolerance for child abuse.

    If a child is in immediate danger, or the incident relates to child sexual or physical abuse, you must call 000.

    Process of making a report

    • If you are concerned, see, hear or reasonably believe a child is in danger and in need of protection in relation to the conduct of a Whitehorse City Council employee, volunteer, contractor, or Councillor please contact us via:
      • email;
      • or call 03 9262 6333 and ask to speak to:
        • Program Implementation Lead - Alan Foster or
        • Program Advisor Child Safeguarding - Renee Wilson
    • Council will determine if the report falls under the Reportable Conduct Scheme. If it does not, Council will provide the report to the relevant authorities. If the matter relates to reportable conduct, we will engage an independent party to investigate the allegation.
    • If the allegation is deemed reportable conduct, our CEO is notified immediately.
    • The Whitehorse City Council CEO must notify the Commission for Children and Young People within three business days of being made aware of the allegation. 
    • The allegation will be investigated and a report prepared for the Commission for Children and Young People within 30 business days.                                                                                           

    What to include in the email

    You must record details of any:

    • Incidents, allegations, disclosures or reasonable concerns in relation to abuse or neglect of a child or young person by Whitehorse City Council employee, contractor, volunteer, Councillor.
    • Allegations of this nature are investigated in accordance with the Reportable Conduct Scheme

    Include the date, location, and time of the incident; who was involved; any witnesses

    Responding to child abuse can be distressing. Support is available