Graffiti is illegal, wastes time and resources to remove, and affects the charm and character of property and buildings.

Points to note:

  • Council is responsible for removing graffiti from Council property
  • Council offers kits to help you remove graffiti from your property
  • Council encourages you to report graffiti on public property to the relevant authority.

If you are unsure who owns the vandalised property, contact Council.

Why Graffiti is Unwanted

Graffiti vandalism has many negative effects on the community including:

  • Cost to Council, businesses, residents and government agencies in graffiti removal
  • Detrimental impacts on the appearance of an area
  • Reduction in the perception of safety

Graffiti Kits

Council can assist residents by providing graffiti removal kits and/or paint. For more information, contact Council.