Parenting Information Forums

Council’s Parenting Information Forum program provides valuable information and resources to parents, grandparents and carers of Whitehorse. Council will continue to offer the Whitehorse community an exciting calendar of forums in 2021.

Topics and guest speakers for the forums are carefully selected to reflect the diverse range of parenting approaches that individuals, communities and cultures within Whitehorse may hold.

The program achieves great outcomes for families, children and young people and reflects Council’s belief that effective parenting influences a child’s lifelong development and overall wellbeing. For more information on the forums, contact Council’s Parent Resource Officer on 9262 6175 or via email 

The information provided to parents at our Parenting Information Forum program does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Council or any employee thereof. Council is therefore not responsible for the accuracy or validity of any of the information presented by the guest presenters.

Taming your Teen

Join Sharon Muir ParentZone group facilitator, teacher, and family therapist to discover ten proven strategies to stay sane while you 'tame your teen!'

Age Range: Parents and Carers of Children Aged 11 to 19 years
Session held: Thursday 11 February

Strive & Thrive VCE Together

An online presentation where families and young people can come together and learn together. The workshop will look at the big VCE picture and talk about realistic expectations. Learn some practical self-help skills to develop sound strategies for managing stress and anxiety leading up to VCE.

Age Range: Year 11/12 Students and Parents and Carers
Session held: Tuesday 23 February

Peaceful Parenting

Calm Parents, Happy Kids. Do you want to learn ways to deal with anger and anxiety in your children and in yourself? Improve communication and relationships with your children? Discover strategies to manage challenging behaviour? Take care of your own emotional wellbeing and resilience?

Age Range: Parents and Carers of Children Aged 2 to 12 years
Session held: Tuesday 23 March

Dads Toolkit

Are you a Dad looking to add parenting tools and tips into your toolkit? Do you want to learn strategies to develop your relationship and communication with your children?

Age Range: Father of Children Aged 0-10 years
Session held: Wednesday 28 April

Tweens & their screens

Would you like to learn how to help your tween better balance screen time and real life? Find strategies to help them switch off and re-engage in the world? Navigate online safety, rules and consequences? Learn to develop strategies to help your tween develop healthier screen time habits!

Age Range: Parents and Carers of Children 10-15 years
Session held: Wednesday 5 May

School Readiness

Practical strategies, including the importance of play and building children’s resilience and self-regulation will be discussed to prepare your child and family for a smooth and positive transition to school. 

Age Range: Parents and Carers of Children Aged 3-6 years old
Session held: Tuesday 15 June 

The Suicide Conversation for Parents and Carers

Supportive connection is early prevention.

Join us for a free online webinar on recognising and supporting young people who may be at risk of suicide.

Hosted by Whitehorse Youth Services

Session held: Tuesday 20 July
Support Resources ( PDF 393.26KB)

Young boy looking concerned

Parenting Anxious Children

Signs and symptoms to be aware of and strategies and methods to support your children.

Age range: Parents/carers of school-aged children
Session held: Tuesday 24 August

Body Confident Children & Teens

Informative seminar delivered by the Butterfly Foundation on eating disorders and body image.

Age Range: Age Range: Parents and Carers of Children 5-18 years
Session held: Tuesday 7 September


Importance of Play in Childhood Development

As a result of a fast-paced and ever-changing society, children’s spontaneous play is being replaced by more structured activities which can be a trigger for anxiety and challenging behaviour.

Age range:  Parents and Carers of Children 0-8 years
Session held: Tuesday 12 October