Whitehorse Sports Awards

These awards recognise an outstanding sportsperson or a dedicated person who makes a positive contribution to sport and recreation in Whitehorse.

The Whitehorse Sports Awards is a Mayoral event that acknowledges hard work and dedication of local athletes, sporting and recreation clubs and volunteers, across Whitehorse. 

The awards recognise the important contribution that local clubs and affiliates make to the community and the outstanding achievements of their members. The Whitehorse Sports Awards also acknowledges excellence in club management and the behind-the-scenes efforts of club volunteers. Award winners are chosen by the Whitehorse Sport and Recreation Network.

Congratulations to all the winners from our 2019 Whitehorse Sports Awards. 

We thank you all for making a positive contribution to sport and recreation in Whitehorse.

Award Winner
Volunteer of the Year Ritchie Toomey, Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Coach of the Year James Dunn & Scott Young, Eastern Gymnastics Men's Artistic Program
Team of the Year Box Hill United Soccer Club Under 14 National Premier League
Sports Club of the Year Whitehorse Cyclists Inc.
Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability Kimberly Larkin, Victorian Netball Team for females with an Intellectual Disability
Junior Sportsperson of the Year Ryder Cheesman, Surrey Park Swimming  Club
Sportsperson of the Year Brendon Smith, Nunawading Swimming Club
School of the Year Antonio Park Primary School
Chair’s Award Britney Gutknecht, Box Hill Senior Secondary College

For further information please phone the Leisure and Recreation Services Administration Team (03) 9262 6371 or email lars@whitehorse.vic.gov.au 

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