Whitehorse Seniors Festival

Welcome to the Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined

The videos and radio recordings of the Victorian Seniors Festival reimagined 2020 are available online for your enjoyment until 31 March 2021.

Are you a fan of the Whitehorse Senior’s Festival? In 2020, given the current pandemic, Whitehorse Council made some changes. Whitehorse, along with other local governments, joined with the State Government and together deliver the Victorian Seniors Festival.

The Victorian Seniors Festival, reimagined in 2020, is a special festival delivered directly to your home. The theme is in the groove and includes online performances, zoom interviews and story-telling.

In its 38th year, the Festival features performances by many of your favourites plus some new performers we know you will enjoy. New performances will be released each week.

This year we welcomed Bec Reid and Tristan Meecham as hosts. Bec and Tristan are the dynamic duo All the Queens Men who the Festival has worked with on The Coming Back Out Ball and the LGBTI Dance Clubs. With strict social distancing rules in place, Bec and Tristan meet and host performers from the comfort of their own homes using technology in ways the Festival never knew were possible.

The organisers had a lot of fun creating and reimagining the Festival for you, and we hope you enjoy it - and sing along!

We are excited to announce that 25 Victorian community radio stations are airing Radio Reimagined programs. These programs include music, radio plays and a fantastic mix of spoken word, poetry and prose from Australian writers and performers. For information on your local broadcaster and where to find them on your radio dial, view the Radio Reimagined Programs ( PDF 1.17MB)

  • If you would like technology help to access the Festival please contact Whitehorse Manningham Libraries or by phone on Blackburn 9896 8400, Box Hill 9896 4300, Vermont South 9872 8650 Nunawading 9872 8600, who can provide one-on-one phone and online support.

80 programs featuring a great range of festival performers and presenters getting into the groove in 2020.

110 video broadcasts remain up at Seniors Online due to popular demand.