Landscape Guidelines

The Whitehorse Landscape Guidelines ( PDF 14.72MB) help applicants develop a landscape concept plan that is consistent with Council’s current policies, strategies and programs.

Preparing a Landscape Plan

A landscape plan must be submitted to Council Planning department. Once endorsed it form part of the permit.

Landscape plans, drawn to scale (typically 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500) and no larger than A1 size must be supplied as part of the planning application.

The landscape plan must align and reflect consistency with the following documents:

  • Whitehorse Character Precinct Information Sheet - This specifies how many new trees and the style of landscaping required
  • Arborist Report - This identifies existing trees on and surrounding the property including those to be retained with Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) and those to be removed
  • Constraints and opportunities analysis
  • Permit Conditions Report - In particular conditions 8 and 9 need to be shown on the landscape plan.
  • Submitted development plans - No additional decking or other infrastructure should be included on the landscape plan.

Information to include on a landscape plan but is not limited to:

  • Title box with:
    • drawing name
    • property address
    • character precinct
    • date of drawing
    • scale
    • north point
  • Legend
  • Notes as required to clarify information shown on the plan including Conditions 8 and 9 copied from the permit conditions report
  • Guidelines for the implementation of the landscape plans e.g. mulching, removal of trees, trees to be removed within and adjacent to property boundaries
  • Trees with TPZ to be retained within and adjacent to property boundaries
  • Cross-sections showing tree protection requirements 
  • Full planting schedule with botanical name, quantity, mature size and pot size
  • Existing tree schedules with botanical name, height, canopy, calliper, condition and significance as stated in arborist report
  • Construction diagrams of garden beds 
  • Landscape plans that include green infrastructure such as green roofs, green walls, green facades or podium plantings need to provide further information.

Whitehorse Character Precinct

To meet the design requirements, you will need to download your neighbourhood character precinct description, which is under the Planning Zones when you enter your address into Whitehorse Maps.

Arborist report 

The arborist report should be referred to and be reflected in the landscape plan identifying and locating existing trees along with their TPZ and the trees to be removed. Trees should be shown on neighbouring properties including the naturestrip, and properties on all sides of the land being developed.

Growing Green Guide

The Growing Green Guide for Melbourne provides information about green roofs, walls and facades in Melbourne and Victoria.